Marijuana Booster


Your Marijuana Plant requires a large amount of nutrients to grow properly and produce flowers. Marijuana Booster is composed of the exact right mix of nutrients to feed your marijuana plant.


The Marijuana Booster system consists of a set of 3 bottles: Grow Booster, THC Booster and Bud Booster.

Years of testing with growers, coffee shops, scientists, and even stoners have allowed us to create our innovative product, Marijuana Booster ® .

Professional marijuana breeders in Amsterdam use our product extensively, but we are now making it available to the general public. This is the perfect opportunity to try us out.

We have an entire team of specialists backing our product, and they are always there to help you out.

All buyers of Marijuana Booster get free online specialist grow support. Just post your question with a photo, and get a reply within 24 hours from one of our specialists.

Marijuana Grow Booster is composed of around 20% high-concentrated nitrogen that is extracted only from organic materials. If you follow the nutrition and water schedule precisely, we can guarantee a healthy growth for your plant and beautiful dark, green leaves.


The Grow Booster is also composed of phosphorus, which is vital for the development of a healthy and robust root system. Healthier roots can take up more water and other nutrients to help produce larger buds. Potassium is also present in the Grow Booster formula and it is key for function of the plant's natural immune system. Other minerals that you'll find in Grow Booster include:

  • Boron: promotes phosphorus uptake and production of firm cells
  • Manganese: accelerates cell division (growth), photosynthesis and overall metabolism
  • Molybdenum: stimulates nitrogen production and contains enzymes to promote cell division
  • Calcium: strengthens cell walls, stimulates root growth and promotes potassium uptake
  • Magnesium: Helps with the production chlorophyll and the formation of amino acids and vitamins
  • Iron: stimulates the production of chlorophyll and solid cells
  • Copper: helps photosynthesis and retention of minerals

In addition to the Grow Booster, our Marijuana Fertilizer System also includes:

  • Bud Booster: allows for the maintenance of the overall structure of the plant, ensures a high metabolic rate, works to achieve good uptake of nutrients and the development of the buds
  • THC Booster: doubles the production of THC, makes hard buds, and ensures proper weight.


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Our packing is not branded with Marijuana text or images. Marijuana is not referenced on the outside or inside of the box. The actual bottles look different from these images.

Booster Works in Soil and in Hydroponics

*Booster nutrient system consist of 3 x 8.5 oz bottles and is enough for 10 square feet (one square meter), for one full grow cycle.