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Ms. Universe

Ms. Universe is a caramel and sweet tasting hybrid with slightly more sativa tendencies. This bud was created by Dynasty Seeds, and is famous for its potent body high that has the ability to eliminate severe pain, as well as soothe the mind, making it an ideal antidepressant and stress buster.

This sweet and delicious plant is a sativa dominant hybrid that was created out of the genetics of Space Queen. This caramel and vanilla hybrid is known for its unique and uplifting effects, combined with a tingling sensation that will spread throughout the body, from the very first puff onwards.

This bud has a few adverse reactions, although it can make some newbies feel slightly discomforted with a little paranoia or anxiety. Ms. Universe is used by many as a way to combat their chronic conditions, and has proven itself to be very useful in the fight against severe pain, chronic stress, as well as cramps.

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