Appetite Inducing

Marijuana strains that cause the munchies

Marijuana As A Natural Appetite Stimulant

Everyone knows you need to eat to stay healthy, but for some, the urge is simply not there. When this happens, you may need a natural appetite stimulant to encourage you to take that extra bite.

The Need To Eat

It’s easy to take hunger for granted. But remember, an appetite isn’t just something nice to have, in some cases, it can be essential to your health. This is especially true for those undergoing certain treatments, those experiencing appetite-related side effects from prescription medications or people that otherwise struggle with a lack of appetite. You need to eat, even if you don’t want to.

Whether you suffer from long term appetite loss or the occasional disinterest in food, not eating is hardly ever a good idea.

Appetite Enhancer

If you need to eat, but can’t force yourself to do so, you may need to consider an appetite enhancer. Unfortunately, there aren’t many natural appetite stimulant options. For years, patients suffering from long term low appetite had to choose between pharmaceutical options based on either hormones or marijuana.

The marijuana-based appetite stimulant, Marinol, uses a synthetic version of THC to increase hunger. It was created based on many people’s belief that marijuana is a natural appetite stimulant. For years, people have reported stories of certain strains of marijuana causing “the munchies” -- also known as the undeniable need to eat food immediately. The scientist behind Marinol recreated this phenomenon and placed it in a pill.

Marinol isn’t the only way to experience the appetite-inducing effects of marijuana, however. Many of the strains available today can also be used as a natural appetite stimulant.

If an appetite enhancer is what you seek, these strains are known to give you the munchies.

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