Jack Herer (fem)

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Jack Herer (fem)

jack herer seeds
jack herer
jack herer strain seeds
jack herer seeds for sale
jack herer seeds
jack herer
jack herer strain seeds
jack herer seeds for sale
  • 40% Indica 60% Sativa hybrid
  • Feminized seeds for guaranteed results
  • Highly resistant to diseases
  • Long-lasting high
  • Gives you an energetic buzz
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Over 25 years of experience - Robert Bergman and the team at I Love Growing Marijuana are able to pass on years of knowledge.

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Lorraine M.
United States United States

Not ready

Great customer service.

United States United States

Great plants

Great. Out of 20 seeds I have 19 healthy blooming plants.

Michael L.
United States United States


I grow hydroponics only and the **** is always excellent. I have been having trouble with germination. My success rate is between 30 and 40 percent from seed. I used to have 80 percent a couple years ago but not now. I’ve tried your method of putting them in water as well. My Granddaddy purple I only had 40 percent as well.

Michael L. verified customer review of Jack Herer (fem)

Thanks for your review. This is not what you should expect from our seeds. Can you kindly get in contact with our support team so we can arrange you a pack of replacements? :) ILGM

Captain Dred

Jack Herer has been a joy to grow - and high THC OMG

I ordered a 10 pack last summer, and have been growing 5 phenotypes of the I>3GJ Jack Herer for 10 months now. Every harvest has been decent, they all grow so well it's been difficult to cut out a phenotype based just on 'how it grows', and so far they are all very strong, always covered in trichomes, and perfect examples of my beloved medical strain no longer legally available in Canada after decades of being a staple in our medical program. Every time I have tested it so far it has given as promised, or better! Medium CBD levels around 0.2%, and the THC has always been 20 to 24.5%. Usually it is averaging around 24% THC!! Phenotype differences worth noticing - some have darker and thicker leaves, and more sugar leaves coming out of the buds. Some are super easy to clone with a high success rate, some are about regular to clone, some (like my favourite pheno of these 5) is a tricky ***** to clone if you take small branches instead of huge ones. I grow it in soil mostly, but have tried it in a DWC/Top Feed hydro setup and it really loves that! Responds well to: All LST techniques All HST techniques Scrogging Small pots and more plants Big pots and fewer plants Small spaces Big grow space Topping Frimming (HOLY **** DOES THIS LIKE TO BE FRIMMED) Super Cropping Monster Cropping - Take clones from the flowering girls and be prepared for branchy monsters! Double-stage harvests Lollipopping No trimming at all! Drought Training (Or forgetting to water them for a few days by accident too) No matter how I grow this Jack Herer, it responds well and does not leave me disappointed. This is definitely a growers strain, and if you have the room and the time to let it grow, IT WILL GROW. Extra time in veg room produces huge monsters pushing the limits of what you can fit indoors. Even with low budget Mars and Aglex LED lights that cost only 100 to 150 a piece, these will grow as if they are outside, into a full on tree not just a bush. If you let it grow without aggressive trimming, you will get a bushy plant full of low growth and popcorn buds on top of the massive top colas and buds. The popcorn is so good I don't just use it for cooking with like I'd originally planned! Often I will harvest the top of the plant, then leave the low growth in the flower room another 2 to 4 weeks to fatten up for a second stage harvest, and it leaves me just as happy as when I trim and lollipop the bottom of the plant. It all depends how many clones I have ready to go behind them. This is an excellent choice to grow as a go-to daytime strain and an anchor of your grow room. It can grow how you want it to grow, and works well no matter what kind of space you give it. Highly trainable. Mine do well with fungus gnats and house flies, the only pest or disease I've had to deal with in 40+ plants so far. They do well in low humidity environments-- once the humidity gets over 50% make sure you watch it close and check daily, and prune leaves instead of waiting for them to dry up and fall off, cuz they won't, they will rot and get mildew instead if you don't pull them off in high humidity. It's happened to me twice, but a few minutes with the scissors cropping out a few low branches and they recovered instead of dying. After 10 months and multiple crops, and being on 4th and 5th gen clones, I still cannot decide which of these 5 phenotypes I like better and which I am willing to drop. I still cannot decide if it's better to put smaller plants into a *****, or just let these girls grow as big and as naturally as they want to! I get great results either way, so I continue to do both methods, and it is so worth the extra two to four weeks for a monster cropped clone to flip and grow again! Just make sure you watch it and cut out the flower before it rots and mildews!! I highly recommend this strain from I>3GMJ. I doubt you will find a better example of the strain buying it anywhere else. This is as close to the source as I expect to find, and is almost identical to the Jack Herer introduced to the Canadian Medical program decades ago by the Dutch. You can no longer buy that in Canada, so if it was a strain you used, order these seeds and start growing your own! Amazing genetics here! Great to grow whether you are a beginner or a master grower!

United States

fingers crossed

i'm the small time farmer, and I ordered jack herer, and bruce banner seeds. planted two of each, by the early spring moon phase. i'm pleased to report that all four germinated, and are doing just fine.

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