Seeds for a Cool Climate

The best weed strains for outdoor growing in a cooler climate


Seeds for a Cool Climate

Marijuana has three distinct phases in its life. There is the seedling stage where it needs plenty of light and attention. There’s also the vegetative stage where it grows big, strong and potent. Finally, there’s the flowering stage when it develops its cannabinoids and terpenes.

Although we want our marijuana to grow as fast as possible, each stage is crucial for growing high-quality marijuana. Unfortunately, the vegetative stage only lasts if the temperature stays warm and there is enough sunlight which can sometimes be hard to provide outdoors if you live in a cooler climate such as the Pacific Northwest.

Growing outdoors in cool climates

Marijuana must finish its vegetative stage to produce the best results. Indoors, this stage can be lengthened by altering light schedules, outdoors it is the will of nature. The seeds in the outdoor cool section flower quickly – before it gets too cold for them to support growth.

These strains can withstand a little cold weather and don’t need a lot of sunlight, making them up for the challenge of cooler temperatures.

If you live in a cooler area and you intend to grow outdoors, timing is key. You must plant seeds so that they will receive the most amount of sunlight. Use our growing calendar to help calculate exactly when that will be.  If you know your plant will not receive enough sunlight, it is best to grow indoors with lights.

Should you choose outdoor cool?

Outdoor cool seeds need less sunlight than other marijuana seeds. They also can survive colder temperatures.  If you live where there are cool summers and mild winters (such as the Pacific Northwest portion of the United States or Europe), these strains will do well.

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