Fast Growing Seeds

Selected short flowering plants for fast growing

About Fast Flowering Seeds

Short flowering seeds occur by crossing various cannabis strains with fast genetics. The breeding helps reduce the time it takes the plant to flower or bud.

Autoflowering is another method used to produce short flowering THC seeds. The autoflowering strains that flower the fastest are created by making the plant skip the vegetative stage of its life cycle. Instead, the plant automatically goes straight to the flowering stage.

Fast flowering THC seeds come in a wide variety of strains. They produce quickly-feminized strains of cannabis, rich in THC. In some cases, high-grade clones are merged with 3rd generation autoflowering marijuana to produce first generation cannabis hybrids.

Cultivating Fast Growing Seeds

Generally, it takes a marijuana crop an entire season to completely flower, about 3-5 months. However, with short flowering THC seeds, full-flowering can be accomplished in as little as eight weeks. These fast growing seeds are genetically coded, so they bloom in expedited time. Your cannabis plants can be ready for harvesting after just 6-7 weeks of flowering.

Planting short flowering THC seeds can be done indoors or outdoors. Cultivating your weed indoors allows you to grow a smaller crop, much faster. Outdoor growing maximizes the yield of your crop, much quicker than with other types of seeds. And, because the plants flower so quickly, you have a good chance of beating the bad weather.

All of this helps to maximize the yield of your cannabis crop. These types of THC seeds require very little maintenance when grown outdoors or indoors.

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