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About Fast Growing Seeds

Need to harvest your marijuana fast? Short flowering seeds are the fastest way to go from seed to harvest. These seeds are the result of crossing various cannabis strains with fast genetics. We not only guarantee their germination, but we also guarantee they will take less time to flower or bud.

These fast-growing seeds are genetically coded to bloom faster. Fast flowering varieties either have naturally fast genetics or are specifically designed autoflowers. The autoflowering method helps produce short flowering THC seeds by making plants that essentially skip the vegetative stage of its life cycle. Instead of growing into massive plants, these varieties automatically enter their flowering stage, producing a quick harvest. 

Why Choose Fast Growing Seeds 

Fast flowering seeds are perfect for any grower with limited time. For outdoor growers in less than ideal climates, it can be difficult to grow many strains. Once the last frost has passed, there is barely enough time for traditional marijuana plants to reach maturity. A fast flowering variety, on the other hand, may have just enough time to produce before daylight hours fade away. 

Fast – flowering strains are also ideal for completing multiple harvests – maximizing your overall yield. In areas that support longer outdoor growing seasons, this could mean multiple harvests instead of one. Indoors, fast-flowering seeds can add an additional harvest (or two!) to a growing year. 

Fast flowering THC seeds come in a wide variety of strains. Although they spend less time growing, these feminized strains of cannabis still produce a harvest that is rich in THC. This is due to their strong genetics. Many fast-flowering seeds are created from already high producing strains, minimizing the impact of their quick growth.  In some cases, high-grade clones are merged with 3rd generation autoflowering marijuana to produce first generation cannabis hybrids.

Cultivating Fast Growing Seeds

Generally, it takes a marijuana crop an entire season to completely flower, about 3-5 months. However, with short flowering THC seeds, you can reach full flowering in as little as eight weeks. Your cannabis plants can be ready for harvesting after just 6-7 weeks of flowering.

Plant short flowering THC seeds either indoors or outdoors. Cultivating your weed indoors allows you to grow a smaller crop, much faster. If grown outdoors, it maximizes the yield, and you will harvest much quicker than with other types of seeds. Plus, because the plants flower so quickly, you have a good chance of beating the bad weather.

Fast- flowering seeds are fairly easy to grow. These types of THC seeds require very little maintenance when grown either outdoors or indoors. 

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