Indoor Marijuana Seeds


Indoor Weed Seeds

No space to grow your marijuana outdoors? Indoor cannabis plants can be cultivated in artificial environments, semi-artificial environments, and grow rooms. You control the wind, light, and humidity.

Indoor growers do not have to worry about outside elements, such as climate and weather conditions, destroying their cannabis plants. Instead, with indoor seeds, they can enjoy fresh marijuana all year round. Indoor seeds come in a variety of strains, whether you enjoy a mellow hybrid, powerful indica, or euphoric sativa. Growers of all levels are sure to find their perfect strain.   

Why Grow Indoors?

There are numerous benefits to growing marijuana indoors. A significant benefit is control. With indoor seeds, the grower has complete control of the environment.  They can control the water, air, light, nutrition, and temperature that the plants receive. This also means that the chance of pests and diseases diminishes substantially. In other words. indoor marijuana growing increases the likelihood of a healthy crop, which can also improve potency and yield.

For growers on a schedule, indoor marijuana strains are a great option. This is because the flowering time when indoor growing marijuana is much shorter than outdoor growing. When growing outdoors, you need an entire growing season, which can take about 3-5 months. Indoor growing, on the other hand, only takes about 8-10 weeks.

Is there a potent strain that you’ve been dreaming of growing? Some of the most rewarding strains pose more of a challenge for beginner growers due to their specific needs. Indoor growing makes it easier to create the perfect environment for these prized strains. If you can maintain an optimal growing environment, you can grow nearly any marijuana strain. 

Selecting Your Indoor Seeds

Choosing indoor seeds is often challenging for marijuana growers because there are so many to choose from. Unlike outdoor seeds, where you live is no longer a factor. Indoors, the grower can create the perfect environment making most marijuana strains suitable as indoor seeds. However, it’s not necessarily either/or. Some indoor seeds do perfectly fine outdoors, whereas other strains should be outdoors due to their large size.

With so many options, it is best to consider these three factors:

  1. What strain are you interested in, or what type of high do you want to achieve?
  2. How much space will you have for growing your weed plants?
  3. How much marijuana would you like to yield from your labors?

Many indoor growers prefer indoor seeds that grow into average-height plants that stay compact and manageable.  However, if you have enough space to grow something larger, your options are far greater. 

Creating the Perfect Environment 

When growing marijuana indoors, the grower must create the perfect environment for their plants. If you want your plant to thrive, you must consider every aspect of nature, including the sun, rain, and wind. You also need to provide the correct amount of lighting, which includes darkness.  

If you plan to grow a more challenging strain, you may need to make additional adjustments. Your indoor grow space could need fans, humidifiers, or heaters. Many growers also use carbon filters and exhaust systems to remove the odor that is associated with flowering plants.

An indoor growing environment can also utilize advanced growing setups to improve yield or potency. These can include hydroponics, aeroponics, and other soil-less mediums. Advanced setups allow even more precise delivery of nutrients for higher yields and more potent harvests. 

Growing Indoor Marijuana Seeds

Indoor marijuana seeds grow best with the proper environment and lighting. However, soil-less mediums often benefit from nutrients such as Bergman’s Plant Food. Keep growing areas clean to prevent pests and molds. 

Most plants will be ready for harvest within 10 weeks. Autoflowering and other fast-flowering varieties can finish in about 8 weeks. 

When it’s time to harvest, dry, and cure for the best results. 

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