Indoor Growing

The perfect strains for your grow room, tent or box

About Indoor Marijuana Seeds

Indoor cannabis plants can be cultivated in artificial environments, semi-artificial environments and grow rooms. You control the wind, light, and humidity necessary for growth.

There are numerous benefits to growing marijuana indoors. It provides a more controlled environment for cultivating crops. With indoor growing, you can control the water, air, light, nutrition and heat your crops receive. This type of control is not possible when growing outdoors.

Indoor growers do not have to worry about outside elements destroying their cannabis plants, such as climate and weather conditions. Instead, these growers can plant indoor seeds, and cultivate them all year round, no matter the season. Indoor seeds are available in a variety of strains, meeting the needs of various tastes and budgets.

Choosing Indoor Marijuana Seeds

Unlike outdoor seeds, your local climate conditions are not a factor, because, inside, the environment is completely controlled by the marijuana grower. Plus, indoor seeds can be cultivated outdoors as well.

Choosing indoor seeds to grow your own cannabis depends on three fundamental factors:

  1. What strain are you interested in, or what type of high do you want to achieve?
  2. How much space do you have available to grow your weed plants indoors?
  3. How much marijuana would you like to yield from your labors?

Many indoor growers choose seeds that will deliver average height, compact cannabis plants. However, there are those who have a lot of space to grow their weed indoors. In these cases, the options are far greater.

Benefits of indoor growing

Because cultivation takes place indoors, in an environment the grower has full control over, the chances of pests and diseases diminish substantially. Indoor growing increases the likelihood of cultivating a healthy crop, which improves both potency and yield.

Flowering time for indoor marijuana is much shorter than outdoor growing. When growing outdoors, an entire season is necessary to complete flowering - about 3-5 months. Indoor growing only takes about 8-10 weeks for completion.

For growers who value time, and want a faster turnaround, indoor strains are a great option. There are also indoor seeds with longer flowering periods if you are not in a serious rush to grow your cannabis. These strains are worth the wait since they provide an even higher yield and are much more potent.

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