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Long flowering

Although these strains take a little longer, they are worth the wait. These plants grow high quality flowers that will soon make you forget the extra two weeks of flowering time.

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Long flowering seeds produce high-quality, potent marijuana plants. They also tend to be much larger than other faster- flowering plants. The flowering times of long-flowering seeds vary greatly, anywhere from 8 weeks to 7 months. That amount of time is from the first day of the life of the plant to the time when it can be smoked.

Many factors come into play when determining the time it takes a cannabis plant to flower, and give you the buds you desire. Some of these factors include your crop setup, the size of the plants you hope to produce and the long flowering seed strains you choose.

For indoor growers, the average flowering time is about 3-5 months. This includes the amount of time it takes to grow your marijuana plant, from planting the long flowering seed to harvesting your crop. Then, there are another two weeks for time spent curing your marijuana buds after completing the harvesting.

The benefits of long flowering seeds

One of the biggest benefits of long flowering strains is the long time it takes for cultivation. The longer it can grow naturally, the greater the chances of growing large cannabis plants, substantially increasing yield. Also, the longer the marijuana cultivates, the more potent its THC and CBD become in the end.

Better quality bud is always a plus. Long flowering gives your cannabis the time it needs to grow into a great-tasting strain with a high amount (or specific amount) of cannabinoids. Growing high-quality weed, with higher yields and potency, is well worth the wait.

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