Cannabis Nutrients

Marijuana Fertilizer & Cannabis Pest Control For The Best Result!


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Cannabis Nutrients

Marijuana nutrients help your plants survive setbacks, yield better bud, and thrive in harsh environments. We offer a large selection of nutrient products including:

Marijuana Fertilizer

Give your plants a boost where needed with our line of marijuana nutrients.

Who doesn’t want more buds? This high potassium NPK-formula helps plants bloom.

Some autoflowers can use a little boost. This formula helps fast flowering plants thrive.

The leaves of your plants do all of the work. Make it easier for them with this balanced NPK solution.

Sometimes seedlings need a little extra love. This high phosphorus formula is perfect for clones.

Our marijuana nutrient line is discreet and ships easily. They come in an easy-to-use powder form that is a breeze to store. All five varieties are available as a discounted starter package.

Cannabis Pest Control

Mold, fungi, and pests can ruin any harvest. Our marijuana plant protector protects your plants from horrible misfortunes such as root rot, spider mites, or bud rot. It also cures many attacks as well. Designed by Robert Bergman, these are definitely the nutrients you want to have around. 

Marijuana Fertilizer

Some of the best conventional and biological nutrients to boost your yield!


Grow Kits

Whether you’re just starting out or just hunting for a bargain, these complete sets provide all the seeds, nutrients and boosters to get you through your grow.


Variety Packs

Can’t choose what strains to pick? We have you covered! Try our mixpacks and choose from fruity, spicy, autoflower and more sets.


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