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Let the sun do its work on these perfect outdoor strains


Outdoor Marijuana Seeds

Marijuana can grow both indoors and outdoors; however, growing outdoors is the easiest and most cost-effective way to get started. In an indoor setup, you must worry about lighting, watering, and creating a sterile environment. With outdoor weed seeds, mother nature does most of the work, while you monitor.

Why Grow Outdoors

Growing marijuana outdoors means there are no limitations on the size of your crop, other than the size of your growing area. More space to grow allows your plants to flourish, leading to higher yields than when growing indoors. Outdoor strains are the best at dealing with harsh weather conditions and major fluctuations in climate. When grown correctly, they can deliver superior yields. If you are lucky enough to live in an area with a sunny climate, you will be able to grow monster-size plants. This gives you a huge yield per plant, so you need fewer plants to get the yield you desire.

Selecting Your Outdoor Seeds

Some outdoor marijuana strains may not flourish in colder climates, where they receive sunlight only a few hours per day. Yet, those exact same strains may thrive when grown in a sunny environment. That’s why you must choose outdoor seeds based on your local weather conditions. Outdoor marijuana seeds can be planted in just about any type of soil. The trick is to make sure the plants get plenty of sunlight and water, and that the seeds you choose are appropriate for the climate in your local area. If your growing space is limited, such as in a small garden or a balcony, starting your plants in large pots will provide a satisfying yield. In our outdoor marijuana seeds category, you will find both feminized and autoflowering seeds. With feminized outdoor seeds, there’s no chance of your cannabis plant ending up as a male. These seeds are bred to only produce female strains of weed. Autoflowering seeds, on the other hand, grow fast, making it possible to harvest twice in one season.

Creating the Perfect Environment

Unfortunately, everyone doesn’t live in the perfect place for growing outdoor marijuana seeds. However, with a few alterations, you can still successfully grow outdoors. If your area doesn’t get very warm or humid but has enough sun, consider growing in a greenhouse. You can also create temporary covers that protect plants from excess rain or use outdoor heaters to protect plants from unexpected cold nights.

Remember, marijuana plants need darkness just as much as they need sunlight, so choose an area with no artificial lighting. If that’s not possible, create a dark space for your plants using coverings or tarps. There’s also guerrilla growing. This technique helps you grow cannabis in a hidden, secret place outdoors, not in your own yard. Guerrilla growing usually occurs in nature somewhere, making it a great, natural way to grow outdoor marijuana seeds in the wild.

Timing Your Outdoor Grow

Growing outdoor marijuana seeds is all about timing. Unlike marijuana plants grown indoors, outdoor plants rely on the natural environment to thrive. Therefore, your natural environment must provide the conditions necessary for your seeds to produce the best results. Planning is essential when working with outdoor marijuana seeds. You’ll want to buy your seeds no later than early Spring. That way, you have plenty of time to sprout and nurture them indoors. If you choose autoflowering seeds, remember you may be able to harvest twice, so purchase accordingly. If there is still a chance of frost where you live, keep your plants indoors until it is warm. Once they are seedlings, select a sunny place for your plants to grow.

Late Winter/ Early Spring: Buy outdoor marijuana seeds

Early Spring: Sprout seeds and protect from frost

Spring/Summer: Water, feed and inspect your plants

Early Summer: Plant a second round of auto flowers

Late Summer/ Early Fall: Harvest your plants

Growing Outdoor Marijuana Seeds

Outdoor marijuana plants need plenty of sun during the veg and flowering stage. Keep them healthy by feeding them Bergman’s plant food. It helps ensure your plants have the nutrients that they need, even if your natural soil isn’t ideal. Outdoor plants also face more variables than those grown indoors, so you’ll need to check regularly for bugs and diseases. Bergman’s Plant Protector can help protect your plants from harmful infestations. Rain is another vital consideration. In an indoor setting, you have complete control over how much water your plants receive. In nature, this is not the case. Protect your plants from mold due to excess rain by creating a cover, or at a minimum, shake your plants dry after heavy rain. Once the days shorten, it is almost time to harvest. Inspect your plants carefully for signs of maturity. Once they are ready, harvest your plants and hang them to dry!

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