Let the sun do its work on these perfect outdoor strains

About Outdoor Seeds

Selecting your outdoor seeds

Some outdoor marijuana strains may not flourish in a colder climate, where they receive sunlight only a few hours per day. Yet, those exact same strains may thrive when grown in a sunny environment. So, it is important that you choose outdoor seeds based on your local weather conditions.

Outdoor marijuana seeds can be planted in just about any type of soil. The trick is to make sure the plants get plenty of sunlight and water, and that the seeds you choose are appropriate for the climate in your local area. If your growing area is small, such as a small garden or a balcony, starting your crops in large pots will give you a satisfying yield.

In the outdoor cannabis seeds category, you will find both feminized and autoflowering seeds. With feminized outdoor seeds, there’s no chance of your cannabis plant ending up as a male. These seeds are bred so they only produce female strains of weed.

Why grow outdoors?

Growing marijuana outdoors means there are no limitations on the size of your crop, other than the size of your cultivation area. More space to grow allows your crops to flourish, giving you more yield than when growing indoors. Outdoor strains are the best at dealing with harsh weather conditions and major fluctuations in climate. When grown correctly they can deliver superior yield.

If you are lucky enough to live in an area with a sunny climate, you will be able to grow monster-size plants. This gives you a huge yield per plant, so you need fewer plants to get the yield you desire.

Ever heard of guerrilla growing? That is a technique where you grow your cannabis in a hidden, secret place outdoors, not in your own yard. Guerrilla growing usually occurs in nature somewhere, making it a great, natural way to grow outdoor seeds in the wild.

Growing weed outdoors is not just natural; it’s more affordable than indoor growing. There is no special equipment needed to control weather, light, sunshine and other conditions. Because nature does the work, outdoor seeds are a cost-efficient way to grow your own cannabis.

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