Regular Seeds

A chance of both female and male seeds, not for beginners

Regular Seeds

A chance of both female and male seeds, not for beginners

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from $89.00

Regular Marijuana Seeds

Until the mid-90s, a mixture that included both males and females were the only cannabis seed options available.

Female cannabis plants produce the “buds” consumers prefer so much. So, most private growers prefer feminized seeds over regular seeds because they would rather cultivate female-only marijuana plants.

Growing Regular Seeds

There are those who have no problem producing multiple male plants as well.  You simply work a little harder, but regular seeds can also produce great yields. Growers need to separate the female plants from the males. However, they can collect pollen from the plants to use later.

This pollen is used to pollinate specific female plants, which causes them to begin producing seeds. These are also collected, separating the males from the females.

The Process of Cannabis Seed Pollination

Regular seed pollination produces both female and male cannabis plants. Growers quickly remove males from the grow area, leaving the remaining female plants to become strong and resilient. Females are typically strong plants, rarely succumbing to hermaphroditic tendencies.

Female cannabis plants have a heavy layer of resin coating them. This resin is sticky and thick, which helps it naturally, easily and quickly capture pollen produced by male plants. Once the female captures the pollen, she becomes fertilized, and seed is produced.

However, when growers keep the females from being pollinated, they start to produce a very high amount of resin. Remaining unfertilized leads to the production of trichomes, the ultra-frosty “goo” responsible for providing medical properties and a psychoactive high.

Therefore, a non-pollinated cannabis flower is much more potent than a fertilized one. In its efforts to capture any male pollen floating in the air, it produces increased amounts of trichomes. Once the female plant becomes fertilized, she’ll begin concentrating all her energy towards producing seed, as opposed to producing cannabis resin.

Amateur growers also prefer regular seeds because of costs. Because most savvy growers are in the market for female-only seeds, the demand for regular seeds is lower, making them more affordable.

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