Sativa Seeds

Sativa dominant plants grow slender leaves for an uplifting high


What Are Sativa Seeds

Cannabis Sativa Origins

Sativa is native to the tropics. The hot weather and long summers in that region allowed the plant to develop a long flowering time – much longer than Indica, which is from a harsher climate. It’s found in places that are below a latitude of 30o N, such as Thailand, Mexico, India, and Nigeria.

Traits of Sativa

Sativa is a much taller strain of cannabis than Indica, reaching up to 15 feet high. It also boasts slender leaves and buds that grow in a spiral around the branches. The seeds are soft, and will not have any markings on them. The leaves tend to be a light shade of green. You’ll also notice that your yield is a bit lighter than you would expect from a similarly-sized Indica since the growth pattern is not as dense.

Of course, it’s unlikely that you’ll choose to grow either pure Sativa or pure Indica- especially since these seeds are rare.  Instead, you’ll probably choose a hybrid of the two that is stronger in traits of one or the other.

Effects of Sativa

Sativa strains, and hybrids that are high in sativa provide a high that is more energetic than the high that comes from Indica and also leads to more creativity. Consuming Sativa is less likely to result in a feeling of being stoned and more likely to be invigorating, opening you up to fresh ideas. Many artists enjoy using Sativa to help them dive deeper into their art.

Sativa is less likely to be used for medicinal purposes than Indica is, because it is higher in THC. However, it can be used to combat a few diseases, such as depression, fatigue, and ADD. Although many medical marijuana users choose high CBD strains or Indica-dominant strains, a sativa-heavy strain may also provide relief.

If you are using marijuana recreationally, you’ll probably love the giddy psychoactive experience, especially in a social atmosphere.

Growing Sativa

When you are growing Sativa, it’s important to keep in mind how tall the plant can grow. Since they can be up to 40 percent taller than Indica, you might need to grow the plant outdoors (if you live somewhere with a warm enough climate) or in a room with tall ceilings. When growing indoors, pick the best hybrid for your space – some grow taller than others. Their ability to grow so tall, also means that you will want to top them in the third and fifth week of the vegging stage, to control their height.

Sativas put on most of their height during the bloom phase, so you will probably want to flip it when it is around two feet tall. If you do not do this, you might have to trim your canopy or otherwise find that your plants are damaged from getting too close to lights or the ceiling. Make sure that you leave plenty of container space for the plant to explode in size quickly since more root space will allow for more growth of the plant as a whole.

Keep in mind that Sativa is extremely sensitive to environmental factors. It does not do well in the cold and has extreme difficulty with root zone pH, water quality, and sub-standard nutrition. If you want to be successful, you’ll probably choose to use hydroponic nutrients or organic soils. If your Sativa is stressed or damaged, it might develop hermaphroditic blooms.

While Indica is generally easier to grow than Sativa, Sativa does have a number of advantages. For example, they don’t stay in the vegetative state as long, which is the phase when you’ll spend the most time on heating and lighting. This means they are cheaper to grow indoors. They can also handle humidity and heat much better, which is great if you’re growing indoors during the summer.

Sativa also does best in high-light environments. Up to certain limits, the more light available to the plant, the better it will respond. Just remember to keep the temperature below 85 degrees Fahrenheit and the humidity between 55% and 65%.

Your Sativa will produce most of its essential oils during the ripening stage. If you want the strains to mature more quickly, you can do this by shortening the length of the “day” (light period) to eight hours during the weeks immediately before harvest.

Purchasing Sativa

Since it is difficult if not impossible to tell the difference between Sativa, Indica, and the many hybrids from just looking at their seeds, you’ll want to make sure that you purchase all of your seeds from a reputable supplier. Luckily, our website is here, and you can be confident that everything you buy is of the highest quality. We even offer advice on growing the highest quality plants.

Consuming Sativa

When you grow your own cannabis, you can be confident that you are getting the best quality possible. By starting from seed, instead of buying prepared marijuana from a dispensary, you get to control every aspect of the growth process, including hydration, soil quality, fertilizer, and final preparation.

You also can be confident that you are getting exactly the strain you want, especially when you purchase your seeds from us. Many marijuana users prefer growing their own for both the massive cost savings and the greater level of control that comes from being in charge of every step.

After you’ve harvested your Sativa, you’ll want to properly dry it, so that it’s ready when you’re ready to use it. Many people either smoke or vaporize Sativa, although it can also be consumed in any other way that you prefer.

If you have questions about how to properly grow, prepare, or consume your Sativa for the best results, our community is here to help. You can turn to one of our growing guides to learn about the many different methods of growing cannabis, or to our boards where experts will help you every step of the way. Once you begin growing your own cannabis Sativa, you’ll never want to go back.

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