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Don't break the bank with my seed deals

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White Widow Autoflower
Autoflowering Seed
from $69.00


I hate running specials because it makes it seem like one option is not as good as the other. In my case, that is never the situation.  I only sell the highest quality marijuana seeds and supplies. So, I worry that my special offers section gives the wrong impression.

I will clear any confusion right now. There is no bargain bin here, my friends. However, sometimes, I need to discount things to make room for new options.

This page is where you will find all of my current special offers. These may change, so be sure to check back regularly.

Other ways to save

Shopping for special offers is a great way to save on seeds, but it isn’t the only way. My mixpacks let you try out a few different products or strains at a discounted rate. You can also enroll in our online courses and learn how to make unlimited clones from a single plant. We’re talking pounds of marijuana from a single seed! Now that is a definite value.

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