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I’m Robert Bergman. I’m a marijuana growing enthusiast and the founder of ILGM. I’ve spent the last 25 years learning everything there is to know about growing marijuana. When I started growing I was in a home-based setup where 5-plants were all I had space to grow!

I’ve grown a lot since then (pun intended). I’ve ran industrial sized plantations and labs where we bred newer, better, and more reliable strains. Then, after years of large scale growing, I had an idea.

I wanted to share my knowledge of growing weed-and I had a lot (nearly two decades worth). In that time I’ve dealt with every issue imaginable from:

  • How to best care for your plants based on their strain
  • Security issues
  • Getting quality seeds
  • Harvesting the right way to get the most from your yield
  • And selling it

Now I want to share my experience with you.

That’s why in 2012, along with some of my friends, I created I Love Growing Marijuana (or, ILGM). It was a place where I could share in-depth details on everything people needed to know to grow marijuana crops that produced better bud and bigger yields. The blog’s popularity grew quickly, and so did our following. I decided to make the most of this and bring together marijuana breeders from all over so people just like you had access to the best seeds the market has to offer.

Why? Simple. We love growing marijuana. That’s why we made the process as easy as possible.

See For Yourself

Every order is shipped for free to each and every U.S. state, Australia, New Zealand, and Western European countries, right from our base in Amsterdam.

Here’s the deal. Our goal is to help you grow the bud you want and enjoy the results of being an expert grower, even if you have no experience growing! That’s why we provide in-depth training resources to help you get the best grow possible:

See Our Library Of Resources Here

My hope is that you get the seeds, resources, and grow you want. That’s why if there’s something you need you can’t find on our site-let us know. This way we can get you growing right away!

Robert Bergman

Customers about ILGM

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Guaranteed Delivery We guarantee delivery of your order under all circumstances.
Free Shipping We ship daily to the U.S. and Europe for FREE. Shipments to Australia require a $25 fee.
Guaranteed Germination We stand by the quality of our seeds. If our guidance and support wont sprout those beans you will not be left in the cold.
24/7 Expert Grow Support Our gurus and experts stand ready to help you out with your grow. Leave a message and join the ILGM community!
I've seen enough, show me the seeds!

Meet the Team

Robert Bergman

Founder, Author, Grow Expert

My favorite strain to grow is my own Gold Leaf of course! Both the fem and the autoflower are perfect to my taste.

But enough about me, let me introduce these great people I get to work with daily!

Lenny G.

Business Architect

I founded ILGM along with Rob. With his growing wits and my web-skills we started out on this adventure. Folks around the office call me OG. Still not sure why that is.

My favorite strain to grow and light up is OG Kush.

Claire DuPont

Customer Support Angel

Claire was the first angel to descend and help all you lovely people ordering seeds. A strict but fair lady she is.

Claire loves Super Silver Haze as it gives a nice body high, energy plus its good for pain.


Customer Support Angel

Stacy soon joined Claire in helping customers and has soon become an inhouse celebrity due to her loveliness. Stacy also keeps the office tidy and ensures Doris gets his dose of cuddles.

Stacy was an actual Girl Scout. So guess what her favorite strain is...


Customer Support Angel

Zoe is a big Jamaica lover and even a semi-professional dancehall dancer! Our latest addition to the support team is ready to help you out.

Zoe hasn't grown her own yet, but she loves the fruity taste of Banana Kush.


Finance Support Angel

Jane recently joined the support team as our numbers expert! Loves hula hoops, her BFF and family picnics in the park.

Jane started smoking Purple Haze when she discovered Jimi Hendrix and never looked back.


PR, PI & Relations

Jenny is great working with people and other companies and is invaluable to us. Although she does tend to plunder the office fridge we couldn’t work without her.

Gelato is my favorite strain. I think I just have a sweet tooth.

Roy Kruger

Jack of all Trades

I love running around and helping people wherever they need me.

I first started growing about 5 years ago and, due to restricted space, I prefer growing autos. This season I will be growing some Blueberry Autoflowers!


Jill of all Trades

Hola! I help our affiliates when they're in need. I also manage the Spanish and French sites.

I love lighting up my own batch of California Dream. Especially to sink into my couch playing videogames!


Marketing Guru

I manage anything that has to do with correspondence. So if you spot a typo in an email: oops...

I personally love hazes like Blue Haze. I'm actually growing one on my balcony this year!

Sean Webber

Tech Wizard

When you break the website, who do you call? That's right, Webberman!

I hadn't grown before I started with ILGM but I just finished my first round of Skywalker OG. Why this strain? Who else finished the Death Star!

Hans and the Lemmings

Packaging & Shipping

Whenever you receive a shipment from us you can rest assured that I've put a little love in it.

I've actually been growing for the biggest part of my life. At the moment my favorite strain is Gorilla Glue. Easy to grow and a great smoke!

Eagle J.

Content Teamlead

A master with words, Eagle tends to fly high. This helps him create these awesome bits of content. But he talks very slow and forgets a lot.

Perhaps his Amnesia Haze medication has something to do with that.

Doris / Dory


Doris is our fat and lazy office cat. We first though he was a girl so everyone calls him Dory. This doesn’t seem to bother his all-day naps though.


Grow Support Guru

As a full time grower Latewood knows his stuff. You can find him alongside our other moderators on the grow support forum. Always a helpful friend!

Latewood's favorite is the Strawberry Kush strain.


Grow Support Scientist

As a science officer MacGyver knows his stuff and he loves to help out. You can find him alongside our other moderators on Bergman’s Lab support forum.

What our customers say See All

First timer, beautiful plants

I received my seeds to USA in under 1 week. Great service and incredibly fast. Stealth shipping was a brilliant packing idea. Kudos to you and your team Robert. Can't wait to get these growing.

-Mr TalleyMane

Great Service

Took a chance and finally decided to try ordering seeds online. Thank God I settled on ILGM for my first experience. First order (5x blueberry) took about 5 days to arrive. I was 100% pleased with shipping. Got Seeds on a wet paper towel asap and all popped within about 24hrs. 3 of the 4 original plants are now thriving and reaching for the sky. Beautiful plants so far. I recommend both blueberry and ILGM.

- Jip

The Best Of the Best

I am a Professional Grower, started in Colorado, 15+ years (experience). These and all seeds on the site have a 95% Sprouting chance. I do all organic soil and hydro as well as cloning. I can tell you know with the proper love care and environment, you can't beat it. Local seeds in the USA are over priced and crap. My first pull from the Purple haze was 1.1Lbs each with topping. Thanks ILGM Peace guys!

- Shroomz420 aka Lucy

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