Paying with Bitcoin for the first time may seem complicated, but it is not. We will guide you every step of the way.

We provide a 10% discount on your entire order when you pay with Bitcoin so it’s definately worth a few steps.

In short you will:

  1. Create a wallet to store your bitcoins in.
  2. Buy bitcoins with USD (or another currency)
  3. Transfer the bitcoins to your new wallet.
  4. Pay your seed order with the bitcoins from your wallet.

Seems easy enough doesn’t it?

Let’s get going!


Step 1: Create a wallet to store your bitcoins in

A bitcoin wallet is a digital place to keep your bitcoins. Just like a normal wallet filled with dollars. Use your bitcoin wallet to pay with bitcoins.

We advise to create a free wallet with the world’s most popular bitcoin wallet platform: Blockchain. No ID verification is needed. No restrictions on how you spend your bitcoins apply.


blockchain bitcoin wallet


Go ahead and create a wallet. We’ll wait for you...


Step 2: Buy bitcoins with your local currency

Buy some bitcoins and pay in dollars.

Coinbase is the world’s largest Bitcoin exchange platform. Their ease of use and acceptance of credit cards for buy bitcoins make them the most popular choice for most.

Coinbase needs an ID verification, and is very strict in how you spend your bitcoins. That is why you only use Coinbase to BUY your bitcoins. Do not use Coinbase to SPEND your bitcoins.

coibase bitcoin exchange


Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • DO NOT pay us with your Coinbase account!
  • Setting up an account requires ID verification. Don't worry, this is standard procedure for all exchange platforms. You will not use Coinbase to make the seed purchase, only to buy the bitcoins
  • You can instantly exchange up to $150 to Bitcoin when you pay with a credit or debit card. Other payment methods are available but they take a couple of days to process.
  • Be sure to buy a few extra dollars worth of Bitcoin to make up for exchange fees.
  • Never use the Coinbase wallet for purchases. First transfer your bitcoins to your blockchain wallet. (see the next step...)

Go ahead and set up your account and buy the bitcoins. We’ll stick around...


Step 3: Transfer bitcoins to your wallet

Coinbase offers a Bitcoin wallet but they do not allow for the purchase of our products. Never use the wallet of an exchange platform to buy anything. Use a separate wallet, like Blockchain, instead.

To transfer your bitcoins to your Blockchain wallet go back to your new Blockchain wallet and hit “Request”. Then copy the Bitcoin address and head to Coinbase.


blockchain bitcoin transfer


In Coinbase hit “Send” and paste the address in the recipient field. Enter the amount to transfer and verify the transaction.


send bitcoins to blockchian


You will now see your bitcoins pop up in your Blockchain wallet!

Note: Although the transaction says “pending verification” you can already head to the next step and round up your order.


Step 4: Pay your order with us

Pick your favourite strains from ILGM and go to the checkout. Select Bitcoin as the payment method.

At the payment page you will see a window displaying the Bitcoin amount and a Bitcoin address. This is where we expect the bitcoins to come in.


paying with bitcoin


Open your Blockchain wallet in a new browser tab and hit “Send”.


blockchain payment


Copy the bitcoin address and bitcoin amount from your order and paste them at the Blockchain window. Confirm the transaction at Blockchain.

Your order will be shipped within one day of receiving your payment.

There you go!

You will receive some fine seeds with a nice discount shortly!