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On the back of your card there is a phone number. Please call this number as soon as possible. Our charge can come from outside the US. You need to prepare your bank, or they will decline the charge.

Don't feel like calling your bank? Email us and we will offer alternative payment methods. Just reply to your order confirmation email.

Here is what you say:

Hi, I’m calling about an incoming charge from out of the country. I want to make sure the payment on the card goes through.

Is there a certain policy with the credit card issuer for international payments?

Please ensure the charge can be made.

This information is plenty for your card issuer to accept the transaction.

Please note:
  • The owner of the card needs to place this call.
  • You might need to answer some identification questions to the phone operator.
  • You are never required to disclose what you are buying.
Why do I need to call my bank?

Banks and cannabis do not mix. This means that the card companies, like Visa and Mastercard, do not accept businesses that sell cannabis related products.

Our customers however (yes, you) love to pay by card. The only way to offer you this option, is for us to use merchant accounts that are not located in the US. Our card partners can be anywhere in the world; Asia, Europe, Mexico, Canada or somewhere else even.

To prevent fraud, most US banks block transactions from outside the US. Unless you give them a call to tell them a charge is coming. Then they temporarily lift this blockade, and your transaction should go through.

What will my card statement show?

This varies a lot, but it never shows anything related to cannabis. If the charge is successful, then you will get an email with the name that will appear on your card statement.

What if my charge is still declined?

Even after you call your bank, the charge can still be declined. The charge might already get blocked even before it reaches your bank. Or, your bank can block it even after you told them not to. The card scheme has many filters in place between your card and our bank account.

You can either try another card (MasterCard works much better than Visa) or use another payment method. You will be informed by email on how to proceed.

What if my card already allows international transactions?

It can still help to give them a call. Sometimes an extra restriction can be lifted temporarily

What if I want to use another payment method?

If the charge failed, you can just place a new order with another payment method. If you already want to change payment method, then contact us and ask to cancel this charge.

What if my order never arrives?

Then we ship you the order again, for free. Our reship policy is found on the FAQ page.

What if my seeds do not germinate?

We will ship you new ones, for free. Our germination policy is found on the FAQ page.

Next Steps


You will get a confirmation email and we will start shipping your seeds right away.


You will get an email with a possible cause for the failed charge. Perhaps you need to call the bank again and ask us for a re-charge.

Final decline?

Let’s try another payment method. We have a handful of options available if the card charge fails. An address in California for example that you can mail cash to, a bank account to transfer money to, or by paying with Bitcoin.

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