High Yield Mixpack


Nr of seeds

  • High Yield Mixpack includes Chocolope, Big Bud and Amnesia Haze! (All Feminized)
  • Flavors range from earthy to spicy
  • Used to help various ailments

This almost pure sativa with a strong cerebral high will get your creativity going. The Chocolope strains grows tall and will end up with massive cola's. Migraines will fade when using Chocolope. 10% - 90% Sativa dominant strain, THC levels at 19%.

Big Bud
Big Bud has Skunk influences giving a long high effect with sweet, fruity or grape flavours. A smooth smoke and a good high / stone balance. One reason why Big Bud is a favorite for growers and users. The flowers of the Big Bud can become very heavy to a point where the branches require support to prevent them from bending and snapping. The yield of Big Bud marijuana plants are legendary. 40% - 60% Indica dominant strain, THC levels at 16%.

Amnesia Haze
The Amnesia high is mostly in the head. It has a flowery and hazy smoke and it is ideal for a strong yet mellow high. The Amnesia effects are clearly noticeable after approximately 10 – 15 minutes. Amnesia has a clear uplifting, social and cerebral effect but it doesn’t last long. A good strain for persons suffering from fear, depression, migraines and nausea. 20% - 80% Sativa dominant strain, THC levels at 21%

Strain details

Plant type Feminized
Sativa or Indica Mixpack
THC Level 16% to 21%
CBD (Medical) Low to Medium
Height Mixpack
Yield Mixpack
Flowering period Average (63 to 64 days)
Climate Mixpack
Good for Indoor, Outdoor

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