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Marijuana Booster


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Boost your grow with the ultimate trio

This marijuana booster package contains:

  • THC Booster
  • Grow Booster
  • Bud Booster

All bottles contain 250ml/8.45oz each. Enough nutrients for a 20 plant grow.

These nutrients were especially created to give you that edge when growing. After years of research including Amsterdam growers, scientists and coffeeshops this trio of marijuana booster was created.


THC Booster

THS Booster is composed of phosphorus among other nutrients. This is vital for the development of a healthy and robust root system. Healthier roots can take up more water and other nutrients to help produce larger buds. THC Booster increases your yield and THC production drastically.

Grow Booster

Besides phosphorus, potassium is also present in the Grow Booster formula and it is key for function of the plant's natural immune system. 

Bud Booster

Allows for the maintenance of the overall structure of the plant, ensures a high metabolic rate, works to achieve good uptake of nutrients and the development of the buds.


Other minerals that you'll find in Marijuana  Booster include:

  • Boron: promotes phosphorus uptake and production of firm cells
  • Manganese: accelerates cell division (growth), photosynthesis and overall metabolism
  • Molybdenum: stimulates nitrogen production and contains enzymes to promote cell division
  • Calcium: strengthens cell walls, stimulates root growth and promotes potassium uptake
  • Magnesium: Helps with the production chlorophyll and the formation of amino acids and vitamins
  • Iron: stimulates the production of chlorophyll and solid cells
  • Copper: helps photosynthesis and retention of minerals