Organic Marijuana Nutrient Starter Package

$59.00 $49.00

Everything your plants need for a healthy start and grow cycle.

This starter package Contains:

  • 1 pack Allmix Flowering Period - 1kg / 35.27 oz
  • 1 pack Allmix Organic Upgrading - 500gr / 17.64 oz
  • 1 pack Bio PK Booster - 500gr / 17.64 oz

All these products provide the nutrients your marijuana plants need to grow into super healthy strong plants. Flower Power Bio fertilizers are all organic and easy to use. And best of all, Flower Power Fertilizer can be used for all flowers, plants, fruit trees and vegetables.

  • Allmix Flowering Period is especially designed to help a plant thrive during its blooming. By balancing the pH-value through anti acidic seaweed calcium and potassium and magnesium for a nice green color. Further contains iron, manganese, phosphorus, sulphur compounds and trace elements.
  • Allmix Organic Upgrading helps the plant thrive and enrich its dark green color by stimulating the roots throughout the plants lifespan. Various added seaweeds, soil bacteria, mycorrhiza and bone meal make the plant more resistant to stress and temperature fluctuations.
  • Bio PK Booster helps the plant regulate and absorb nutrients. High amounts of potassium and bone meal increase yield by up to 15% and maximizes taste and flavor.



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